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PDK repair to save you literally thousand$

Meet Frank and his 2009 Cayman. Frank tracks his Porsche Cayman regularly as it is fitted with a set of bucket sets, Schroth 5 point straps, wrapped with a set of Hankook slicks and a set of front lower GT3 control arms finish it off. During one track event his Cayman experienced a transmission failure, with lights all over the instrument cluster. The Cayman was in limp mode and unable to move on its own power. Frank was left with a DNF and had to tow his Cayman to the closest Porsche Dealership. The news from the Porsche dealership was staggering. The cost to repair was $28,700, which entailed a complete new transmission. Now this would be fine if the car had a few miles on it, over 150K but with a low 40,000 mile digit on the odometer this seems unacceptable. Frank looked around to see what options he had. I mean the car is barely worth much more than $30,000. With thoughts of swapping in a used gearbox, parting out the car or even selling as is, there was no easy option. This is where SDM stepped in. Frank got a hold of SDM and after a few back and forth emails, arrangements were made to have his car shipped to SDM for PDK repair. Upon delivery of the Frank's Cayman, SDM quickly diagnosed the failure of the PDK. SDM was able to rebuild and fix the PDK for less than one third the cost of a new PDK gearbox. But that's not the most important detail. First generation PDK transmissions DO NOT come with a gear oil cooler. The sensor that had failed was due to excessive heat in the gear oil cavity. If a new PDK gearbox was installed at the dealership if would too live a short life without a gear oil cooler. Not only did SDM rebuild the PDK to new specs we were able to install a gear oil cooler to insure this failure wouldn't happen again.



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