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Speed Density Motorsports presents a Fluidampr for all VR6 engines, 2.8, 3.2 and 3.6 liters. We have seen many failures of the crankshaft and harmonic balancers. We are proud to offer a solution. Speed Density Motorsports presents a VR6 harmonic balancer FRICTION WASHER! The friction washer is a MUST on any high revving/high performance VR6! Without the friction washer the damper pulley bolt will come loose and cause pulley and crankshaft damage! This friction washer goes between the crankshaft and balancer!

Destructive crankshaft torsional vibration accelerates the wear of critical engine components when performance upgrades are made. VW, Audi, and Porsche vehicles equipped with a VR6 engine can now protect their investment with the latest performance damper from Fluidampr. Fluidampr features race quality viscous damper technology that protects across the entire rpm range with a far greater lifespan compared to tuned rubber based designs. Fluidampr performance dampers never need to be tuned or rebuilt. Similar viscous damper technology can be found as original equipment on VW Groups luxury sportscars, the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo with 5.2L V10 engines.

Engineered and tested in conjunction with world renowned race engine builders. Benefits include:

Exceptional crankshaft torsional vibration control throughout entire rpm range.
Increased torque and horsepower.
Easy to install. Accepts OEM style crankshaft pulley tool. Removable crankshaft key included with damper.
Stock size 7 rib pulley does not overdrive/underdrive accessories. Can be used with 5 or 6 rib belt applications.
Easy bolt-on of additional accessories drives. Features 3 bolt pattern (2.3 circle, M8x1.25 thread pitch). Adapters may be required.

Controlled testing on a near stock VR6 engine utilizing a chassis dynamometer, at a rate of 1,000rpm per 2 seconds from idle to 6,000 rpm, resulted in an average 3.3 whp and 4.0 lb-ft torque gains across the rpm range over the stock harmonic balancer. Peak difference came at 3,700 rpm with 8.1 whp and 11.5 lb-ft torque. Controlled pulls allow torsional vibrations to stack up and provide a more accurate test result of a dampers ability to protect. Application specific, actual performance results may vary.

Fluidampr performance dampers feature premium cnc precision machined and computer balanced components, corrosion resistant brilliant black zinc chromate finish with engraved timing marks, logos and is SFI 18.1 approved. Made in the USA. ISO 9001:2008 certified.


SKU: SD123