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Price: $14,500

Please email us for more information and bank wiring instructions.


Speed Density Motorsport presents a 1200HP built long block VW VR6 3.0L R30 race engine. This package features a 3.2 VW block with a 2.8L VW Forged crankshaft. Fully documented and blue printed engine including all clearances.


Features CNC ported cylinder head, Brian Crower 12mm+ camshafts, Supertech valve springs, Schimmel Performance Billet cam gears, Schimmel Performance mechanical tensioner and all new FEBI timing components. JE forged pistons with 23mm Pins, Pauter forged rods and micro polished 2.8L crankshaft.


King racing rods and main bearings. ARP 1/2″ head studs, MLS head gasket with and ARP main studs. Capable of 50+ psi, 1200+hp.


Includes complete assembled long block and camshafts degreed in spec. This setup is capable to keep the variable valve timing and or remove it to fixed camshaft timing via a adjustable cam gear.


The following are not included:

-Oil pan

-Valve cover

-Engine sensors

-Oil filter housing

-Intake manifold

-Exhaust manifold

-Accessory brackets, I.E. alternator/compressor

-Water pump, thermostat or water pipe


Please contact us for additional options!

-Fluid Dampr Balancer with washer $449

-Injector Dynamics injectors 1050X, 1350X, 1700X or 2600XDS

-Precision 7685 Ball Bearing Turbocharger

-Custom tubular manifold per chassis

-Our SDM Billet intake manifold

-Our SDM 3.2L Billet valve cover


Please allow 2-3 months for assembly time.
After complete, we will collect freight cost.
No core is required, we supply a good engine to start the 1200hp build.


Please email us for more information and bank wiring instructions.


SKU: SD161
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