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A Look Back Into 2017

Updated: May 23, 2022

A look back into 2017 with our stage 2 package. With the goal in mind to achieve 175mph in a half mile with a stock 996 turbo 3.6L Mezger longblock engine we knew we had to start with high quality components. This goal of 175mph in a half mile with a 3500 pound vehicle, manual shifted transmission would have to have a power plant producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 750-800 horsepower. To increase airflow into the engine we chose a set of Precision 5858 Turbochargers. These turbocharges are mounted to the engine with a set of custom turbo manifolds built in house. Hanging in front of the turbocharger exhaust inlets we mounted a set of Precision 46mm waste gates. These gates are responsible for controlling turbocharger shaft speeds by diverting a portion of exhaust to bypass the turbocharger exhaust wheel. The waste gates ultimately are the ones responsible for controlling boost being fed into the engine. After the Precision turbochargers spin up to compress atmosphere air, the air is forced throught a set of 4.5″ bar and plate inter coolers.

We chose a set of SRM 996 turbo inter coolers, because of there high quality and efficiency. Since an engine is nothing more than an air pump, increasing airflow into the engine requires an increase of fuel. This increase in fuel is responsible for the increase in horsepower and torque that the engine produces. For fuel upgrades we went with a set of 1700cc injectors from Injector Dynamics, a custom twin fuel pump basket with 2 Walbro 480lph fuel pumps and stainless fuel lines with AN fittings. While our stage 2 package is available in a pump/race fuel or E85 configuration, we chose E85 as our fuel source. E85 is a great fuel with an octane rating of around 105 and it burns 30% richer, meaning more fuel to air ratio, which in turns has many benefits. E85 advantages include cooler intake runners, back of intake valves, piston tops as well as cooler combustion chambers. The increased octane rating from fuels such as E85 allow the air pump to compress the fuel without self ignition, which in turns allows higher compression ratios, higher boost levels or higher cylinder pressures with a steady controlled burn of fuel being initiated by the spark plug rather than heat, also know as detention. Responsible for controlling the engine we chose the standalone Syvecs. Syvecs does an perfect job integrating with the factory modules for a seamless operation which behaves just as the factory ECU does, including full operation of instrument gauges. Syvecs has the ability to monitor critical engine data such as oil pressure, coolant pressure, knock activity, air fuel ratios and fuel pressure. We were able to acheive 175.9mph on stock Michelin sport 2 tires.

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